Aos Maníacos Símeis - Horizonte #1 (Capa Frontal)
release date:

April 29, 2013



Music by Aos Maníacos Símeis.
Recorded at Espaço Veracidade.
Artwork by Izis Cavalcanti.

Aos Maníacos Símeis – Horizonte #1

Improvisation group formed in 2010 in the countryside nearby the city of São Paulo, Aos Maniacos Símeis began to expand their musical horizon in 2012 through a series of exercises. The first of these impromptu sessions is now published by Caesar Simia Records. Entitled Horizonte # 1, it's a bootleg, like every recording of the group.

Horizonte # 1 captures the lapses from five of the several minds in the group with a bunch of cables and a dozen mics, recorded using only two channels. In a loft in the city of São Carlos, a set composed of drums, bass, guitar, melodica, percussions, oscillators, controllers and computers was gathered. With everything being manipulated and treated live with pedals and VST plugins, this session led to seven unrecoverable tracks, presented with slap equalization and no cutting or editing and a lot of unforeseen feedback and saturation.

This first album illustrates well what an Aos Maníacos Símeis live performance would sound like: Ideas thrown at a blank page.