Jubonauta - The Dub Side of the Force (Frontal Cover)
release date:

June 02, 2013



Music by Jubonauta.
Featuring Bluga-man and Jaguardarte in Death Star.
Recorded at Jubonauta Palace and Espaço Veracidade.
Conceptual artwork by Jubonauta.
Artwork by Guilherme Camargo.

Jubonauta – The Dub Side of the Force

Jubonauta is the solo project of guitarist and statistician, Fernando Francini.

The project itself revolves around music excerpts and vignettes. Sometimes they’re a fully finished idea, most of the time they are not. This offers the opportunity to anyone willing to come and complement these ideas and turn it to something completely different. For the purpose of divulgation, some of these music are put together in a set and can be eventually called an album.

This particular album was the consequence of Jubonauta's preparation for his participation in the Aos Maníacos Símeis session that later became Horizonte #1, ultimately inspired by Jamaican sounds and a Star Wars marathon.

Enjoy, and may the Dub be with you.