Art by Vítor Locilento.
release date:

August 27, 2013



Music and art by Vítor Locilento, except by Headbanger, by Gabriel Garbulho.

Plástico Tangerina – Barbarismo (Eu me derreto em Plástico)

This is one of the possibilities from Plástico Tangerina project.

In addition to the audiovisual presentations, the architect Vitor Locilento (aka Plástico Tangerina) seeks to expand the universe of digital and organic on experimental music, even if it seeming jarring, through lyrics that explores contemporary issues.

Recorded with recombined loops and through some momentary improvisation, the songs have little or no retouching or rerecording to "improve". These versions are raw and rough, as is the aesthetic proposal of the artist and architect.

This is just one of the possibilities from Plástico Tangerina Project.

Plastico Tangerina comes from a manifest written by Victor Locilento, started in 2004, still unfinished that follows for consideration of the moment:

(Manifesto Plastico Tangerina)

Synthetic lycra muscles
Texture image sound
Outside of a secular mind
Embryo of a new mentor

Love silicon sex
Latex pleasure without offspring
Breathlessly Pixel
Computer Life

Electrical & Electronics kisses
Poetry love letters
A fetish for warm touch
Lighter lighted lamp

Gasoline high technology
Magnesium Exchange wheel
Aspirin to prevent pain
Adrenaline accelerates nitro

Modern-life TV
Modern music to see
Plasma shapes image
Mind listen to sound

Food powder pill
Free alcoholic drink
Chewing gum with neon paint

I melt myself in Plastic…