Jubonauta - Vignettes (Frontal Cover)
release date:

November 15, 2013



Written, directed and produced by Jubonauta.
Artwork by Guilherme Camargo.

Jubonauta – Vignettes

Jubonauta is the solo project of guitarist and statistician, Fernando Francini.

The project itself revolves around music excerpts and vignettes. Sometimes they’re a fully finished idea, most of the time they are not. This offers the opportunity to anyone willing to come and complement these ideas and turn it to something completely different. For the purpose of divulgation, some of these music are put together in a set and can be eventually called an album.

Vignettes: the final frontier! These are the experiments and music excerpts of Project Jubonauta .It`s mission: to explore strange new soundtracks, to seek out new elements and themes, to boldly go where no project has gone before.