release date:

September 15, 2014



Music by Thiago Salas, Lucas Almeida and Thiago Miotto.
Recording and mixing by Alison Henry Nasário.
Artwork by Danilo Oliveira.
Produced in Laboratório de Som, Departamento de Artes e Comunicação, Universidade Federal de São Carlos.

RIZCO – Antimosphere

Rizco is a project that aims to explore the sonorities of musical instruments and other objects and their possible sound-musical articulations. Designed by Thiago Salas and Lucas Almeida, one of Rizco's actions is to invite musicians,instrumentists and other artists, for public performances and recordings of free improvisation.

Antimosphere is a selection of clippings from a recording made on a July afternoon in 2012 On the occasion of the first meeting between the musicians Thiago Salas, Lucas Almeida and Thiago Miotto two hours of performance were captured without any previous or agreed indications, beyond what had been set: to register a free improvisation session in the given period. The recording led to doubts and considerations about the quality of what we gather musically. The result of the recording was imposed as an opportunity to judge what happened in the scope of different perspectives, given the particularities of each participant of the session. The work went through some auditions in informal contexts, of which six cutouts were selected, won titles and were arranged in the sequence that makes up the album.